"If we engineers don't support one another, no-one else will"

Welcome. These Technical Pages contain personally generated circuits, ideas, and articles. The content is mainly demand driven and guided by questions people have asked.

Attempts have been made to keep things reasonably simple but useful. You are free to use any of the information posted on this website for experimentation or for use in your own non-commercial designs. It is also assumed that you are at least competent in electronics. Some areas are easier than others but note, I cannot answer emails with regards learning electronics. Please turn to the Internet and other sources for this.

LEGAL NOTICE: I take no responsibility for the use of any information contained on this site and related pages. Any risks taken or damage caused, be it legal, personal, or to equipment or property, is to be borne by you. In short, stick to the law! Any comments expressed are also purely personal.

Hopefully you have found data to help. This site is growing as people, like yourself, make comments, requests, suggestions, or contributions, or just the simple email of encouragement.

If you do forward a request by email please be aware that this site is only maintained after-hours and there may be some time before your questions are answered. Like good food, good answers take time to prepare.

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